We were thrilled to see our customer Venomtech Ltd reviewed in The Scientist for their work on understanding more about the sterility of snake and spider venoms.

The team at Venomtech Ltd and Northumbria University show that bacteria do in fact live in the venom of several species of spiders and snakes and furthermore are capable of adapting to the venom gland environment. Whilst there is still some debate, these finding could have implications on the evolution of venoms and the clinical management of bites.

Read the full article here: Study Questions Sterility of Snake and Spider Venoms | The Scientist Magazine® (the-scientist.com)

Images courtesy of Venomtech for the tube image and Dr Sterghios Moschos from Northumbria University for the plate image.

Venomtech Ltd are a global leader for venom research enterprises, founded in 2010 by chief scientific officer Steve Trim. Venomtech are helping customers worldwide make pioneering advances in drug discovery, cosmetics, and crop protection.