Accessories for sample storage tubes

AltemisLab is all about looking for better ways to work. Our range of lab tools have been designed to make everyday lab tasks easier.

AlteTube™ Selector

Manually cherry pick a tube from the rack with the handheld AlteTube Selector. Compatible with 0.3ml to 5ml tubes from most manufactures.

AlteTube™ pick up device

Use with internal or external 1.2ml, 2ml & 5ml AlteTubes. Easily pick or decap tubes in the AlteTube workstation rack.

AlteTube™ Septum decappers

Handheld septum decappers can be used for single or multiple septum cap removal from tubes.

AlteTube™ workstation rack

Holds up to 50 large format 2D barcoded AlteTubes. The Anti-rotate base grips tubes securely for one-handed capping and decapping.

AlteTube™ aluminium blocks

These solid anodised Aluminium cooling and heating blocks ensure a consistent sample temperature is maintained. Compatible with large format AlteTubes.

AlteTube™ ice pans and ice buckets

Made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). Highly durable, chemically resistant and inert to dry ice. Ideal for use with the AlteTube aluminium blocks.