14×14 format 2D barcoded racks to assist sample identification

Compatible with 2D barcode rack readers

Racks for 2D barcoded AlteTubes. Designed for short or long term storage down to cryogenic temperatures.

Temperature range: -196°C to 121°C

Process samples in 96 SBS format racks

Compatible with liquid handling and robotic systems.

Store samples in 14×14 format racks

Utilise existing freezer racking and store 196 samples.

Save freezer space

Storing smaller sample volumes in the 14×14 rack can increase storage capacity by more than 50%, when compared to traditional freezer racks.

Rack identification

One unique code in three formats. Embedded 2D barcode with matching 1D barcode and human readable code.

AlteReadTM compatible

Decode 196 2D barcodes instantly using the AlteReadTM large format 2D barcode camera reader.

100% quality checks

Every barcode is checked to guarantee uniqueness across the full AlteTube range.