Screw cap 2D barcoded tubes

2D coded tubes in large format rack with external thread screw caps

Superior quality 2D barcoded tubes to assist sample identification. Designed for short or long term storage down to cryo temperatures.

Temperature range: -196°C to 121°C

arrow-right-24     Available in 1.2ml, 2ml and 5ml 2D barcoded tubes

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Secure manufacturing

AlteTube large format tubes are manufactured using a highly robust and precise method.

The black polypropylene disc is inserted under high pressure and securely captured by the retaining ring. Once captured the disc cannot be removed.

Permanent 2D barcode

The 2D DataMatrix barcode is laser etched on the black disc in the base of the tube. Every barcode meets our exacting standards for readability.

The durable 2D barcodes are designed to survive in the harshest of lab environments.

External thread screw caps

Polypropylene caps with a specially designed moulded internal lip, ensuring a leak proof seal.

Identification in three formats

Easily identify samples using the unique 2D barcode on the base of the tube and the matching 1D barcode and human readable code on the tube wall.

Code recovery

The AlteTube 2D DataMatrix barcodes adhere to the ECC200 standard. Reed-Solomon error correction codes in the DataMatrix barcode reconstructs and verifies data for improved accuracy.