AlteTools™ CoboTube

Benchtop automated tube handler

Open Cobot Design

The use of a collaborative robot removes the requirement for guarding, which maximises access for operation & maintenance. Additionally, the robot can be moved to the most appropriate position by hand, either for teaching or for maintenance.

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Enhanced productivity

Works with 4 SBS racks or Cryoracks at a time, with additional set downs available for increased capacity.

Tube Sorting

Enables end users to reformat, cherry-pick or re-array directly from SBS 24, 48 & 96-well racks, & 9x9 or 10x10 Cryoracks, with ease.

Health and Safety

The robot features built-in collision detection so that any contact with humans or other objects causes it to safely stop the ongoing operation. Robotic handling also reduces the risk associated with manual handling of hazardous materials.


Easily customisable to optimise the platform size for any workflow.

Intuitive User Interface

Tubes to be picked can be simply selected either through the app or directly on a pick-list in Excel or csv. The robot will pick the tubes selected & place them into a destination rack in a pattern also configurable through the interface.

Modular Product

With options to incorporate single tube readers, rack readers, or integrate a weigh station, the unit can be customised to align with your workflow.

Compatible with MagCapTM System

Works with the AlteCapTM MagCapTM System providing an even more seamless grip, through the integrated magnets in the tube picker.