XL series software

Automated tube sorter software

Intuitive and easy to use Windows software

Included with all XL series tube sorters to provide control of all robotic operations with several processing modes.

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Easy programming

Control sorting and re-array operations by importing user generated worklists.

Non-worklist operations

Pick and place the tube or vial from the same location. Tare weight, gross weight and data collection modes.

User defined output files

Content and format can be customised in .csv output files.

Software developer’s toolkits

ActiveX and SDK allow integration with LIMS, in-house custom programs, other robotics or streamline the processing of input and output files.

XL LabelPro software

Label tubes during processing on any XL tube handler. Merge data from external sources or easily repeat previous labelling jobs with a project- based workflow.

XL Plus software

Provides greater flexibility for liquid handling operations. Users employ editable XML scripts to control robotic functions and input work lists to manage sample transfer volumes.