SampleScan E-Series

SBS rack barcode reader

Image capture using scanner technology

The high quality SampleScan barcode readers all include a 5-year warranty. Quickly capture and decode 1D and 2D barcodes on tubes and SBS format racks.

Download Specifications download-24

Fast rack scanner

Decode a 96 SBS format rack in 8 seconds.

Easy to use

Initiate scanning via the software or the one-touch scan button.

Fully compatible

Decode full or partially filled racks of 2D barcoded tubes in SBS rack formats from any manufacturer.

Capture rack barcodes

Decode 1D barcodes on any rack side and 2D embedded rack barcodes.

Single tube scanning port

Single tube 2D barcode decoding direct to any open application.

Condensation Reduction System

Internal dual-fan heater maintains scanner temperature at 37.7°C.