Tissue culture is a common component of many biological research programs that demands time, experience, and skill to carry out.

Researchers often maintain small batch cell lines in 96 well plates with growth media. Cells that are being grown for more than a few days require regular media changes to replenish nutrients and maintain the correct pH for optimal cell health. Fumbled media changes can impact cell health and alter downstream results.

Media changes can be time consuming, particularly in 96 well plates. Even with a multichannel pipettor, it takes careful focus to fully remove used media and gently add fresh media while avoiding disturbing cells and attempting to keep each well consistent with the rest of the plate. When growing in multiple plates, media changes can waste hours of time on a repetitive task and risk inconsistency between lab members.

Even the most skilled lab technician cannot avoid the hand strain that comes with operating a manual pipette all day long – strain that affects volume accuracy and pipetting speed. No human pipettes exactly the same at the end of an hour as at the start. Even with an electronic pipette, researchers must endure the monotony and repetitive motion of repeatedly changing tips and pipetting multiple wells. Missed wells, mismatched volumes, and disturbed cells are an inevitable part of media changes performed by hand. These minor alterations to cell environment can alter cell behaviour over time, creating inconsistencies in collected data.

From the first aspiration to the 100,000th, speed, volume, and depth in the well remain exactly the same with the microPro. Programmable pipetting speed and pipetting depth recall (PDR) allow researchers to remove and add media to even the most delicately attached cells with care. With 96 channels operating simultaneously, wells are never missed. Every well, on every plate, gets the exact same treatment every time. Cells receive truly uniform treatment, removing one more variable from experiments.

Avidien’s microPro 300
Working with Avidien’s microPro 300 semi-automated pipettor saves researchers time and energy while ensuring consistent conditions for cells.

Increase Speed, Increase Accuracy

Time is a valuable resource, but in the lab, high quality data is the most important goal. Performing a task quickly is pointless if sloppy results demand repeated experiments, or worse, leads to wasted samples. Researchers must find ways to maximize time while protecting data integrity.

The microPro 300 empowers researchers to work quickly without sacrificing quality.Thanks to the ability to input custom protocols with unique volume, speed, and depth settings for each step, every media change is uniform every time, no matter who is performing the protocol. With 96 channels operating simultaneously, it takes less than a minute to change an entire plate. Better data, less time.

Even for simple protocols, uniformity requires more than consistent pipetting. With the ability to add non-pipetting prompts to the microPro 300’s custom protocols, lab managers can ensure that every media change follows the exact same procedure, whether performed by a seasoned tech or the new undergrad. No best guesses, no time wasted hunting for directions. With no missed or misremembered steps, Avidien drives consistency across the lab.

Good Hood Practices

The microPro 300 is compact and portable, easily fitting in a hood without wasting precious workspace real estate. In extra tight spaces or ultra clean environments, it can be operated from outside the hood using wireless connection with the iPad interface. When media changes are over, the semi-automated pipette can quickly be moved to another part of the lab to streamline other processes.

With the ability to program custom protocols on an iPad, lab members don’t even need to take the pipettor out of the hood to prep for a new line of cells or adjust an existing media change procedure. No need to find space on the bench to spread out lab notebooks, researchers can update automations and add prompts from the comfort of their desk using Avidien’s intuitive app in simulation mode. 

Everyday a Little Easier

Avidien’s microPro 300 transforms media changes from a dull, repetitive task to the press of a button. Thoughtful features, easy customizations and convenient remote programming ensure that every protocol follows the same steps every time. Cells receive consistent, quality care, while lab staff save time and energy for the big stuff. 

When technology makes everyday lab tasks simpler, faster, and more accurate, researchers win.

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