SampleScan HS Cryo

Large rack barcode reader

Image capture using camera technology

The high quality SampleScan barcode readers all include a 5-year warranty. Quickly capture and decode 1D and 2D barcodes on tubes and large format racks.

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Rapid camera reader

Decoding 96 SBS format racks in less than a second and large format racks in less than 3 seconds.

Rack compatibility

All SBS and large rack formats from most manufacturers.

Easy to use

Initiate decoding via the software or the optional foot pedal control.

Condensation Reduction System (CRS)

Rack-riser safeguards the scanning surface from condensation build-up.

Operates at -20°C

Camera is protected by the robust and completely sealed outer casing.

Large/SBS reader Set-up Pack

Start storing and tracking samples easily with all the kit in one cost saving package. Readers, 2D Tubes, Tube picker and Laptop.

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