Lab tools

Accessories for sample storage tubes

AltemisLab is all about looking for better ways to work. Our range of lab tools have been designed to make everyday lab tasks easier.

Multi thawing station – Ambient

Highly uniform frozen sample thawing ensuring reproducible results. Thaw up to 1000 samples in just 15 minutes. Download specifications

Multi thawing station – Heated

Delivers 30°C air to thaw hundreds of samples with large molecule compounds and high melt carriers. Download specifications

Single thawing station - Ambient

Accelerate rack thawing and defrost up to three 96 SBS format racks per hour.

AlteTube™ workstation rack

Holds up to 50 large format 2D barcoded AlteTubes. The Anti-rotate base grips tubes securely for one-handed capping and decapping.

AlteTube™ aluminium blocks

These solid anodised Aluminium cooling and heating blocks ensure a consistent sample temperature is maintained. Compatible with large format AlteTubes.

AlteTube™ ice pans and ice buckets

Made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). Highly durable, chemically resistant and inert to dry ice. Ideal for use with the AlteTube aluminium blocks.

AlteTube™ Selector

Manually cherry pick a tube from the rack with the handheld AlteTube Selector. Compatible with 0.3ml to 5ml tubes from most manufactures.

AlteTube™ pick up device

Use with internal or external 1.2ml, 2ml & 5ml AlteTubes. Easily pick or decap tubes in the AlteTube workstation rack.


Presents a single column of tubes in a 96 SBS format rack to help pick the tubes easily from within the rack.